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Pete Godfrey’s Sales Letter Writing Workshop “From Pre-Head to Post Script And Everything in Between” Now Captured on DVD…

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“Discover How to Master The Most Valuable and Profitable Skill Ever…”

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One day workshop shortcuts your learning curve…
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Best Part: The Workshops are over but the Brisbane gig was filmed so you can take me home and reap the rewards on offer. Here’s the quickest and easiest way for you to discover the secrets to writing sales letters that sell and master this most valuable and profitable skill from Australia’s most in demand and productive pro copywriter Pete Godfrey. No fluff, no filling, 100% content without the sugar-coating!

FROM: Pete Godfrey

SUBJECT: Get Fast Results From My New One Day Sales Letter Writing Workshop


Recently I finished doing 4 very profitable and profound workshops on Sales Letter Writing; workshops that had everyone in attendance drooling over the money making ideas and strategies I shared. Now, you can get it all in a take home pack, so you don’t miss even a second of what was on over.

Below is the letter I wrote to fill the Workshops so you can see
exactly what’s on it way to you, when you grab my Sales
Letter Workshop Home Study Pack…

If you give me just one day, a mere 8 hours of your time, I guarantee to show you how to crank out sizzling sales letters that sell. You’ll walk out of my workshop with the skills, the templates and blueprints to creating Sales Letters so enticing, so mesmerising and compelling, they’ll crash servers and cause a stampede of customers rushing to your door.

Big call?

Maybe, but I’m determined to show you my Sales Letter Writing secrets, from start to finish; no stone left unturned, exposing all my little known yet highly effective secrets… secrets so powerful they should come with a disclaimer.

Not only will you walk out of my workshop with the most valuable of valuable skills, you’ll be carrying 2 BIG Workbooks chock full of examples, articles and Insider Information few know even fewer use… so you can keep referring back to these GOLDEN Nuggets for years to come.

Consider this…

  • If you want to know how to quickly and easily create Sales Letters that sell…

  • If you want to shortcut your journey and get spoon-fed all you need in one short day…

  • If the idea of turning the written word into money interests you…

… then get excited! You’re closer to reaching the above goals than you ever imagined. And in a minute you’ll see why… and how you too can easily create Sales Letters that sell.

But first up, before I get ahead of myself, please understand this…

I’ve put on a lot of copywriting seminars over the years. From my evening seminars, to my two-day boot camp, right up to my $6,995.00 per head Master Class. They’ve all been fantastic events… but more importantly, each and every attendee got great value for their money, many are now reaping the rewards from the secrets I revealed.

The important point for you is I can teach this stuff simply, concisely and in ways that will make a lasting impression…so you can effectively and efficiently shortcut the long learning curve… and get the skills you need to write compelling copy in just one short day.

See what one of my students had to say…

Another student of mine, Bret Thomson, didn’t even know what copywriting was until he met me. Now, he is the rising star of copywriting in Australia; commanding fees he couldn’t even imagine a year or so ago. Here’s what Bret had to say…

* $100,000.00 PLUS Copywriting Gig

"Without Pete Godfrey’s Master Class, I would never
have scored a $100,000.00 plus copy gig with Mal Emery.
Thanks for opening my eyes Pete to a world of abundance!"
Bret Thomson – Mal Emery’s personal copywriter.

The point is I know how to teach my skills that instantly shortcuts all the jargon, the dogma, and delivers to you with pinpoint accuracy the info you need most to succeed.

Another thing you need to understand…

This Workshop is different than anything I have ever done before!

This is the first time I’ve concentrated solely on Sales Letter Writing… where I’ll spend the full day outlining my process for writing a Sales Letter from beginning to end. You’ll see many of my winning examples, plus templates, so you too can quickly and easily write sales letters that sell.

This Workshop is specifically for new copywriters or those who want to be copywriters, or for those folks who just want to write their own letters without becoming a gun-for-hire freelancer like me. (Although if you’re already an experienced copywriter, just the examples and templates alone are worth the price of admission.)

This is NOT a pitch-fest seminar. This is an up
close and personal, hands-on Workshop for those
who wish to develop true valuable skills from a Master of Persuasion

Frankly, you’re busy and I’m busy so this letter is short. I have no intention of beating you over the head with this; you’ll instantly see the OUTRAGEOUS value on offer or you won’t… so I’m not going to write 24 pages to try and convince you. With that said, here’s a brief outline of what you’ll get when you step foot inside my Sales Letter Writing Workshop.

You get…

  • Pre-Head to Post Script Blueprint Manual: This is what we’ll be working from throughout the day. This is a workshop… as such, there are no Power Point sessions…we’ll be working straight from the workbook and I’ll take you through the whole process of starting and finishing a dynamic, compelling sales letter. You’ll discover everything you need to know to write your own Sales Letters, from start to finish without delay.

  • Sales Letter Writing Workshop Examples Manual: Giant swipe file containing a smorgasbord of my winning letters including Seminar promotions, eBooks, Business Opportunities and more.

NOTE: You also get the DVDs and CDS in your Sales
Letter Workshop Home Study Pack…

Also, and here’s a BIG point I want you to get. I’ll be answering questions on the fly. So when you have a question, simply raise your hand and I’ll answer. That’s the beauty of small, hands on workshops. You get the personal attention you need to thrive! And listen, many times attendees have said this is the best part of the workshop. You see, I think better on my feet and I feed off the energy in the room; many times my answers lead me in another direction, exposing tips and strategies my clients and I have used to get outrageous results. This is where you’ll need a notebook or laptop, to get everything down as I rattle off one gem after another.

If that’s sounds cocky, I didn’t mean it to. I’m confident, not cocky. Confident in my ten year track record writing compelling words that sell and confident in my ability to teach, to instil in you the skills needed to excel as a sales letter writer. And I’m confident that just like on dozens of occasions before, I’ll be on fire when you’re asking questions and not only will I answer your question, giving you a direct insightful answer, but I may go down another track without meaning too; a track laden with gold for those willing to take the journey.

Make no mistake; the gloves are off at this workshop. You’ll get the skills. You’ll get your questions answered. You’ll get an instant, valuable skill that is yours for life.

So that brings us to the cost involved…
ask yourself what would you invest to get
this valuable
sales letter writing skill handed
to you on a Silver Platter?

Well consider this…

My 2-day Boot Camp back in 2007 came with a hefty $1,295 price tag and I was swamped with thanks at the end of the gig.

Influential Business Coach Can’t Sleep After
Pete Godfrey’s Boot Camp!

“Hi Pete! Yep! You’ve done it again. I’ve been up since 2 am and my heads still spinning. Every time I hear you speak I come away with so many ideas I can’t sleep for days. Seriously … I’ve studied many of the great copy writers and marketers, and what makes you stand out, is you’re a real "people" person and your passion is infectious. And what you’ve taught me over the last couple of years is how to add empathy, emotion and personality to my copy. Thanks again mate your material is priceless and I really value it.”

Bob Lyon – Better Business Opportunities – Melbourne VIC

At my Last Ever Copywriting & Marketing Master Class, attendees
paid up to $6,995.00 and many said the first morning alone
was worth the price of admission.

Plus, when you think about it, getting a copywriter to write just one letter for you can be expensive. Even an average copywriter will charge $2,000 – $3,000… times that by ten if you want a world-class pro. And I’m giving you not one letter, but the skills, knowledge and confidence to write as many letters as you like… so whatever this Workshop costs, it’ll still end up being FREE.

So I figured, I could easily charge up to $5,000.00 for this Workshop and I’d still sleep easy… knowing in my heart I’ve given exceptional value to each and every attendee.

But I’m not going to do that; not going to charge you are high entry fee at all. Why? Simply because I want to keep the price way down, so I can help more people, folks that might not be able to afford my high-end gigs.

Here’s what I have done…

You won’t invest $5,000.00 to come to my exclusive Sales Letter Writing workshop; not even close. And I won’t even ask you for $2,000.00, even though at that price it would be the bargain of the century.

All you invest is a low $997 for the FULL day workshop… just you, me, and 24 other people. Not only that, you can bring a friend or significant other for an extra $199. Anyway you look at this; this is a BARGAIN.

GOOD NEWS! The Home Study Pack is only
$497! But let’s get back to the original letter…

So to recap, here’s what you get…

  • A full-on, hands-on day of training with me. Your questions will be answered; I’ll give you the A –Z roadmap to writing compelling Sales Letters that sell.

  • Pre-Head to Post Script Blueprint Manual: We’ll be working straight from this workbook and I’ll take you through the whole process of starting and finishing a dynamic, compelling sales letter. You’ll discover everything you need to know to write your own Sales Letters, from start to finish without delay. This manual is yours to take home, so you can keep coming back to it for years to come.

  • Sales Letter Writing Workshop Examples Manual: Giant swipe file containing a smorgasbord of my winning letters including Seminar promotions, e-Books, Business Opportunities and more. Once again, this manual is yours; the examples on offer all proven winners; so you can see at a glance what it takes to create letters that sell.

You get all this for just $997 and you can bring a friend
or significant other for an extra $199.

GOOD NEWS! The Home Study Pack is only $497! …PLUS you get the DVDs and CDs as well!

Okay, that’s it for that letter. As you can see, folks happily paid $997.00 for this info… and now you can get your hands on this explosive material for just AUD $497 plus shipping (FREE Shipping within Australia, International Orders $39.90).

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If you’re serious about honing your chops to a razor’s edge, if you’re a highly motivated person who wants to be personally trained by me, then you wouldn’t miss grabbing this for anything…

Spend a full day with me and you’ll never be the same; never think the same.

I’m chomping at the bit for you to get this information. I know how much of an IMPACT it will make on your bottom line. So get excited… and get your hands on this amazing information.



Pete Godfrey
Wizard of Words
Copywriter & Sales Strategist

P.S. If someone told you there was a buried treasure right under your nose, maybe even buried at your place, and that he’d lead you to it, would you do it? And not only would he lead you to it, he’d show you exactly how and where to dig to make finding this GOLD so much easier. Would you listen then? Well that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m giving you the treasure map, the tools, and I’ll even start digging the damn hole for you… so just like me, you too can write sales letters that sell… and make money any time you please.

P.P.S. By the way…

  • There’s a reason why the latest crop of copywriters hitting the stages across the land have all been trained by me.

  • There’s a reason why many marketers like Mal Emery only hire copywriters that have done my training.

  • There’s a reason why my seminars are known throughout the land as content-rich events.

This is your chance to get personally trained by me, at a ridiculously low price, and discover a new world full to the brim with opportunities and potential. Copywriting is the greatest moneymaking skill you could ever possess. I’m gonna hand it to you, without delay, served on a silver platter for your easy consumption.

P.P.P.S. I fully guarantee this course with my 365 day money back guarantee. If in the unlikely event you use these strategies and don’t make at least 10 times your investment back within the next year, I want you to contact me and ask for your money back… and you’ll get a prompt and courteous refund of every cent.